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COREdination Pilates is proud to be affiliated with two 450-hour comprehensive Pilates instructor certification programs.

Amanda, studio owner, is one of only eleven mentors, throughout the United States and Canada, for Pilates Core Integration (PCI), a Pilates instructor certification program. The Pilates Core Integration Teacher Training Program, designed by Virginia Nicholas, teaches the traditional Pilates Method using the same approach taught by Eve Gentry and Michele Larsson.

Pilates Core Integration (PCI) certification will give students the knowledge and experience to teach Pilates for fitness and body-mind integration. The training program encompasses classical Pilates exercises on the mat and five main pieces of equipment, anatomy related to movement, Pilates history, practice teaching, reading assignments and homework. The exercises range from fundamental movements to the advanced level. In the apprenticeship component, students obtain required hours of personal practice, observation/assist and student teaching.

Kristen, studio instructor, is Director of Integrated Balance® Pilates Teacher Education and Certification Programs, certifying instructors with an emphasis on critical thinking and joint mechanics. Kristen has been practicing Physical Therapy and teaching Pilates for over 16 years and is a certified instructor through Polestar Education. The Integrated Balance® program is taught throughout the United States.

Integrated Balance® Pilates Teacher Education is designed for fitness, post-rehabilitation & rehabilitation professionals. Current research in movement science, biomechanics, kinesiology and motor learning is applied to Pilates movement and assessment techniques through eight basic movement principles. Lectures, demonstration & hands-on labs are used to teach Phase I - Contrology Fundamentals and Basic Mat and Reformer. This series can be followed by Phase II which includes training on the Cadillac, Barrels and Pilates Chair to enhance functional fitness and rehabilitation practice. 

Please contact COREdination Pilates about our Pilates instructor training opportunities.


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