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At COREdination Pilates, we are committed to preserving an environment that allows each client the ability to experience the mind-body connection fostered through the Pilates method. Please help us protect the tranquility of our studio by kindly observing the following etiquette.  


CONVERSATIONS  Upon entering the studio, we ask clients to please be respectful of classes already in progress. We encourage clients to take a deep breath, release any stress and prepare for an effective exercise experience. Your help in reducing distractions is appreciated. 


CELL PHONES  COREdination Pilates aims to create a quiet and peaceful Pilates practice space. As such, we request clients to silent cell phones upon arrival to the studio – no vibration or beeping alerts please.


LATE ARRIVALS  In consideration of the other clients, we ask that every effort is made to arrive to a scheduled class in a timely manner. Late arrivals may disrupt the focus of class and do not allow for a proper warm up prior to participating in Pilates movements.  In addition, late arrivals prevents our teachers from inquiring about any injuries or physical issues one may have prior to getting settled in class. Your cooperation is appreciated.


CARE of CHILDREN  The studio is not responsible for providing supervision for children of clients during class. Should you need to bring your child with you, you are responsible for your child. In consideration of the other clients, it is also your responsibility to make sure that your child does not disrupt the class in progress. 


STUDIO ATTIRE  For hygiene and safety purposes, COREdination Pilates requires the use of Pilates full toe socks and Pilates grip gloves for all classes. Clients may not take class in bare feet. Pilates socks and gloves can be purchased at the studio or at a sporting goods store. Failure to wear required apparel could result in students being asked to sit out of the class.


Clients should also wear form fitting Pilates appropriate clothing that allows unrestricted movement. Out of consideration for other clients and the instructor, please avoid short baggy athletic shorts, unless they come with a built in undergarment cover.

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