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COREdination GROUP REFORMER CLASSES  Our leveled reformer classes are designed to offer each client the opportunity to progress through the Pilates method in an enviroment that is safe and tailored to their athletic needs. New clients will benefit from the slower paced curriculum in the Restorative or Level I classes with focus on form, breath technique and an introduction to the Pilates exercises. Our advanced clients will thrive in a challenging arena where the instructor will offer a strenuous class experience that delivers an intense workout experience.

Restorative Pilates Program:  This entry-level group class is for individuals with new or old injuries that require more modifications or additional guidance through Pilates exercises. Restorative Pilates is designed to enable the client to gain muscle strength and comfort with the physical movements while developing improved posture and coordinated body control. 

Prerequisite: Please contact the studio to discuss specific injury or limitations. COREdination Pilates may require physician's approval prior to attending class.

Level I Group Reformer Class:  An entry level reformer class designed to introduce and challenge clients who are new to COREdination Pilates. 

Prerequisite: No pre-existing injuries or limitations. Note: We can accommodate clients with limitations or injuries in the Restorative Pilates Program or with personalized Private Sessions tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Level II Group Reformer Class:  This class is designed for clients who have gained precision and control over their bodies in the Level I curriculum and are ready to be further challenged in a fun and effective way. Clients will feel even more results and may notice decreased pre-existing pain, improved athletic performance, and an overall sense of well-being. 

Prerequisite: Previous Pilates reformer experience. Knowledge of reformer setup and Pilates terminology required. Enrollment may require the approval of the instructor.

Level III Group Reformer Class:  These classes are designed for clients who have complete precision and control over their bodies. Clients can expect an intense workout requiring significant experience, control, balance and strength. The classical advanced repertoire is mastered at this level, while the instructors continuously find new ways to challenge even the most seasoned Pilates protégé, with new and fresh contemporary choreography.

Prerequisite: Must be able to do the following exercises with proper form prior to enrollment: Classical Teaser on the long box, Tendon Stretch, and Snake. Enrollment may require the approval of the instructor.

Level IV Group Reformer Class:  In this intense, contemporary take on the classical repertoire, clients are challenged to capacity with unique choreography designed by Amanda, COREdination Pilates Founder and Studio Director.

Prerequisite: Clients must be able to do all levels of classical work. Enrollment may require the approval of the instructor.

Discounted Reformer Classes:   These leveled classes are the same as those described above, however, they are taught by an Apprentice Instructor who is participating in a comprehensive Pilates training program.  COREdination Pilates is one of eleven official training studios throughout the United States and Canada for the Pilates Core Integration Teacher Training Program. Additionally, the owner and founder of Integrated Balance Education also offers a 450-hour certification program at our studio. 

Prerequisite: Enrollment may require the approval of the Studio Director.


The Pilates Chair is considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment in terms of building strength in the legs and shoulders. This small group class is limited to 4 clients and offers a challenging array of exercises for the client looking to increase power in the upper body, toning of the torso and core and a total body demand of coordination and flexibility.


COREdination PRIVATE & SEMI-PRIVATE CLASSES  In our private classes, clients get exclusive one-on-one attention and the program caters specifically to the needs and concerns of the individual. Our head instructor specializes in serious diagnoses of the spine, sports enhancement, pre-and-post natal, and is a Pink Ribbon Post Rehabilitative Specialist. Additionally private and semi-private clients use a wider range of equipment including the Chair, Spine Corrector and Trapeze Table. Private or Semi-Private classes can be scheduled by contacting the Studio.

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