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AMANDA, Studio Director

As a former professional dancer for the NBA (Cleveland Cavalier Girls), the MASL (Cleveland Force Dance Team) and the Cleveland Barons Dance Team, Amanda found Pilates was the most effective way to counteract and rehabilitate dance related injuries. Upon opening Dance Fusion, her former dance studio, she was excited to open the community to the magical effects of Pilates. It didn't just improve the technique of her dancers, but non-dancers experienced total body transformations. As men and women of all ages got leaner, stronger and more poised, the program took off. What began as two reformers as a little side offering at a dance studio quickly became a highly sought after program with four instructors, eight reformers, two half-trap tables, three chairs, three spine correctors, a core align and dozens of weekly class offerings. In 2012, she sold the dance studio portion of her business to focus her attention solely on COREdination Pilates.


Amanda has fifteen years of Pilates movement experience, ten years of teaching experience and three years experience of training other Pilates instructors. Amanda is a Pilates teacher trainer for Pilates Core Integration, an international pilates teacher training program designed by Virginia Nicholas. She was hand selected by its founder to be a mentor for the program, and COREdination Pilates is now one of eleven official training studios throughout the United States and Canada.  


As an instructor, Amanda keeps classes fun and challenging by continuously adding her own innovative choreography, while maintaining the intention of the classical exercises. Amanda works with athletes and clients of all ability levels, and she is privileged to be trusted with many special concerns such as spinal fusions, pre and post natal clients, joint replacements, scoliosis, spinal stenosis and more. She earned her degree from Baldwin-Wallace College in physical education with a concentration in dance. Amanda holds certifications through Core Dynamics, the Pink Ribbon Post Rehabilitative Program and bootybarre®.  

MADALYNN, Instructor

Always active and looking for a new type of workout, Madalynn found COREdination Pilates in 2011. Immediately impressed with Director Amanda's foundational knowledge about how the body moves, Madalynn knew she had to learn more!


Doing her own research, Madalynn found that the philosophy of the Pilates method complemented her own background as a physical therapist. Therefore, Madalynn enrolled in the 450-hour Pilates Core Integration (PCI) Teacher Training program, becoming certified in 2016. Madalynn’s teaching style is derived from the classical Pilates curriculum of Pilates elder Eve Gentry. In addition, Madalynn often cues her clients to perform Pilates exercises while focusing on form and skeletal alignment.


Even though Madalynn is a full-time professor at a local university, her belief that Pilates can enhance any person’s health keeps her teaching in the studio. Madalynn is particularly passionate about developing healthy exercise habits in children, and regularly practices Pilates with her own two children.

ALI COMPTON, Instructor

As a ballerina from the age of six to twenty-one, I have always had a fascination with the human body. The way each muscle works to produce the fluid movements of ballet to the movements of everyday living astonishes me. I was first introduced to Pilates when I was about twelve as a form of cross training for ballet and I immediately fell in love. It was the perfect form of exercise that would provide my muscles with the strength I needed to execute challenging ballet steps while maintaining flexibility and leanness. Not only did I notice my ballet become better as a result of Pilates, but also my injury rate was greatly reduced. I found myself feeling good inside and outside the studio.


After college and subsequently the end of ballet for me, I continued to practice Pilates as my main form of exercise. To this date, I have not found a more challenging, more satisfying way to keep my body healthy and in shape. I hold a comprehensive certification from integrated Balance. I hope that I will be able to share my love for this practice and also help people experience the numerous benefits of Pilates that I have received in all my years of practice. Outside the studio, I work as a physician assistant and I enjoy the outdoors, relaxing at home and spending quality time with family and friends.

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