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CORE Reviews

We believe that our clients success speaks for itself. Whether it's the pronounced muscle definition or the reduced back pain, overall our clients are finding a leaner, stronger, and more flexible self. But don't just take our word...

This is an amazing Pilates studio!! The instructors are so professional and very well-trained. Very easy to sign up for classes with the mobile app. The workouts I get here are unlike anything I've ever experienced - I love coming to class & I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!!!

Marla R.

I started Pilates for the first time about six months ago. I love the classes and the studio. Great instructors, great location, great scheduling app that makes it easy to sign up and change classes. Worth every penny!!

Cathy F.

...I have been so impressed with the results! This is the only workout I have ever done that consistently challenges me and makes me stronger...Every class is different and fun!

Jackie M.

My wife and I have been attending semi-private classes 2x per week with Abby for over 1 year. Fantastic total body workout for stretching, core, toning and the mind. Great for all ages.

Jim K.

...I did Pilates my entire fourth pregnancy and never felt better. In fact this was my best pregnancy by far and I owe it all to Pilates. The best workout I have ever done and the best I have ever felt.

Melanie L.

Amanda and the staff provide a wonderful environment for all ages. Pilates with the reformer creates a full body workout that produces noticeable results. I love that the classes are small and the teachers put the right emphasis on form and technique which was often overlooked in many of my previous exercise endeavors. COREdination Pilates has been life changing! I am so much stronger, healthier and free of aches and pains. I recommend Pilates to women of all ages all the time!

J.J. D.

I have always jogged to keep in shape and never saw the results I see with taking Pilates.

Virginia W.

This is the only workout that lets me walk out feeling taller and stronger!

Julie S.

I love it. I feel great after the class. It's really incredible...COREdination Pilates is more than just a workout program. It's more about strengthening your body and developing body awareness - your posture, how you carry yourself, how you hold tension in your body, how to release that tension, how to strengthen your body (and core!) for lasting results. COREdination Pilates is a hidden gem in Richfield, OH! 

Candice C.

I am so glad I tried Pilates. In the four classes I have taken, I can already feel a difference in my strength and body awareness throughout the day.

Kim F.

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I have been doing Pilates for over a year. Could not be more pleased with the results, Mentally & Physically. Amanda runs a very professional class & has developed an excellent program with different Pilates levels that are challenging no matter what skill/fitness level you are at.

Mary Alice B.

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