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COREdination Pilates has spent years developing our methodology and philosophy which includes a keen focus on detail and precision.  We specialize in building relationships with each client so that we can guide and educate appropriately through all classes, based on each client's needs.

SMALL CLASSES  We offer intimate class sizes, focusing on proper alignment, breath technique and consistent retraining of muscles to ensure a safe and effective movement experience.

PERSONALIZED FITNESS  We provide individualized fitness experiences tailored to meet the health and movement goals of each client. Whether you are pre or postnatal, have experienced a joint replacement or spinal issue, or are simply interested in improving your athletic form, our experience can enhance your posture, physical mobility and health and wellness. 

SPECIALIZED TRAINING  We are proud to have one of the first instructors in Ohio to be certified as a Pink Ribbon Post Rehabilitative Specialist on our staff. This extensive program is designed to fully assist breast cancer survivors. 


PILATES & MOVEMENT EQUIPMENT   Our studio features professional equipment engineered to provide a challenging and safe fitness experience. From our Balanced Body reformers to our Exo and Combo chairs; to the CoreAlign training system and Spine Correctors, our studio is fully equipped to meet your fitness needs.


EXTENSIVE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING   Instructors at COREdination Pilates have each participated in a comprehensive, internationally recognized training program. Our passion for enhancing the health and wellness of our clients continues long after the 450-hour Pilates certification process. Our instructors attend conferences and workshops, providing fresh, energetic knowledge to enhance the high level Pilates method cultivated at our studio.

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