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Strength begins at the CORE!

COREdination Pilates opened its doors in 2005. In eight years, we have grown from just a small studio to one of the area's largest and most sought after programs. We offer group, semi-private and private classes and have the following programs:
- The Booty Barre
- Core Align 
- Reformer
- Trap Table
- Spine Corrector
- Chair

Classes are offered mornings, afternoon, evenings and weekends. 

We believe that our clients success speaks for itself. Year after year, clients come in to try a session and find themselves hooked. We have several clients that are five, six and seven year clients of COREdination Pilates. Our clients love the results that they feel and see. From the first class, our clients say that they feel taller leaving the class. Over time, they have more efficient bodies, their back pain is reduced or eliminated, and they are leaner, stronger, and more flexible. They have more pronounced muscle tone and definition. Even the physicians of some of our clients have confirmed increased spinal length. We see clients of every age, fitness level and ability. We have worked with such conditions as pregnancy, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal fusions, hip replacements, knee replacements, and breast cancer recovery. We have helped golfers improve their swing, equestrians establish a deeper seat, and mega marathoners increase their flexibility.

We realize you have a choice between several different Pilates studios. All studios are not the same, and more importantly all Pilates Instructor certifications are not the same. There are no laws in Ohio governing Pilates instructor training requirements. You do not need a certification to teach Pilates, and there are several organizations that offer a certification with a weekend of training. Our teachers either hold certifications from some of the most prestigious organizations in the country, requiring a minimum of 450 hours of training, or are working towards this certification.


Virginia W.: "I have always jogged to keep in shape and never saw the results I see with taking Pilates."

JJ D.: "I yearn to go. Amanda and the staff provide a wonderful environment for all ages. Pilates with the reformer creates a full body workout that produces noticeable results. I love that the classes are small and the teachers put the right emphasis on form and technique which was often overlooked in many of my previous exercise endeavors. I was looking for an alternative due to an injury and pleasantly surprised of the multiple benefits I have received...It truly is a lifestyle choice that I will continue for years to come. I am just so lucky I found it!"

Candice C: "I love it. I feel great after the class. I instantly saw results and have better awareness of my body...It's really incredible...COREdination Pilates is more than just a workout program. It's more about strengthening your body and developing body awareness - your posture, how you carry yourself, how you hold tension in your body, how to release that tension, how to strengthen your body (and core!) for lasting results. COREdination Pilates is a hidden gem in Richfield, OH! 

Kim F.: "I am so glad I tried Pilates. In the four classes I have taken, I can already feel a difference in my strength and body awareness throughout the day."

Suzanne A.: "I am an ultra marathoner. I was suffering with a lot of IT band pain, and I am pretty inflexible. In fact, I joke that it is kind of like having a bunch of rubber bands in the freezer. I am very tight. But after working with Amanda for only six weeks, I have already noticed flexibility improvement and my running and posture have improved dramatically." 

Jeb B.: "I came here originally to support my fiance in a little weight loss and toning up. But I realized a side benefit, and that is my golf game has improved. I hit the ball a lot better, with no practice. I played one round and hit the ball better this year than I did all of last year."

Sarah B.: "I started coming because I had four c-sections and I didn't have any stomach muscles left. Since coming, I have now gone down two sizes in clothes, and I am thinner and more muscular than I have ever been in my entire life."

Tiffany C.: "I belong to a gym, but I just can't get the benefits of what Amanda gives me here. So, I drive all this way just to come here see Amanda, and I do not go to my gym...I just really love it, because it is such a great work out. Deep inside I have always wanted to be a dancer, and I feel like this class makes me feel like a dancer. I enjoy it."

Tania M.: "I truly love every moment of it. The reason I choose to come and do Pilates is after having three children, gaining some weight and having some back pain, it was recommended to me by my physician. I have truly seen a big difference. I am in the best shape I have ever been in, in my's wonderful being here. I have worked all my muscles my arms, my legs, me feet, my abs, and I enjoy every minute of it."

To find out how we can help you shape your body, eliminate back pain, or improve your strength and flexibility, call or email us today at or 330-659-0030.
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